Webinar Software

Discover new ways to meet better using Epitome Webinar Software. Start or attend your session online using our webinar software and capture worldwide users.

Our webinar software always focus to deliver crystal clear video and audio to make the session successful.

  • Your private meeting rooms.
  • Share your desktop or specific select part on screen.
  • Smart phone, mobile, tablet support.
  • Schedule meetings.
  • One click meeting.
  • Auto recording.
  • HD video and audio transmission.
  • Drawing tools.
  • Application sharing.
  • Hand over the control

Your webinars will look like your brand

Epitome enables you to build fully customized webinar consoles that integrate your logos, corporate colors, imagery, and topline messaging.

Deliver an engaging audience experience

Turn your presentations into engagement-driven conversations. With over 30 interactive tools, Epitome enables you to directly engage your webinar audience.

Size matters

Epitome helps you reach a bigger audience by making your webinars easy to access; no plugins or downloads required, and full support for mobile devices.

Easy to build, easy to present

Create fully customized, branded webinars in just a few easy steps. Intuitive, simple presenter tools that take the stress of out presenting.

Find your best leads

All leads are not created equal. Epitome gives you powerful analytics that provide you with detailed engagement data on the behavior of your attendees to help identify your best prospects, all of which can be integrated with most marketing automation and CRM systems.

Extend the life of your webinars

Once your live webinar is over, we make it easy to archive and host your on-demand webinars in a customizable gateway where you can promote your content and continue to generate leads.