Web conference software

Epitome’s web conference software enables you to reach across the world without any additional cost of travelling. Our central server web conference center helps you to market your product and services more effectively with real time online events. You can also use Epitome’s web conference software to take your meetings, conferences, corporate events, town hall meetings online to reach more attendees, reduce on trace cost and time and boosts attendance.

  • Live Video, Audio, Content and VOD streaming for any device, format and quality.
  • Smart CDN for end users to load the profile according to available download speed.
  • VOD - Play back with digital video library for later on view
  • Recordings on multiple bitrate.
  • Full HD quality for Live and VOD.

Your Event Center

Event for groups of 100 to 3,000. Multiple presenters in broadcast-quality audio. Audio controls and attention monitoring tools. Add Assist Services and get your own event producer.

Go big

Launching a product? Branding your business? Holding an all-hands? You need to do more than show slides.

Deliver a polished, interactive presentation with video, screen sharing, Q&A, polling, and chat. People join easily from any platform.

Make it yours

Brand your invitations and registration site. Customize the enrollment process with questions that let you score, track, and follow up on leads.

Record everything

Record your event with one click. You get more bang for your online event buck. And nobody misses out.