VOD : Video On Demand

Enable Adaptive Playback

Stream VOD adaptively to save on bandwidth and storage space while delivering the best playback quality to android, IOS, and other clients, in any bandwidth conditions.

Stream VOD Files to Any Device

Extend your audience reach by streaming prerecorded video to any player and device, over any protocol, from one set of source files.

Scale VOD Streaming

Scale up to multi-server installations with virtually unlimited capacity. Efficiently fetch VOD content from centralized storage to edge servers using our Epitome Video on Demand.

Secure Your Content

Choose standard support for RTMP encrypted streams and HLS AES-128 protection or pick from a comprehensive collection of security measures.

Create VOD Playlists

Using our vod any one can easily create WebTV, Mobile TV, or IPTV/OTT linear streaming channels from VOD content. Even intersperse on-demand content with live streams or add advertising to monetize your content.