Simple Live Video Streaming

Transcode Audio Streams

Epitome’s audio transcoding feature will decode MP3, Vorbis, Opus, Speex, and other audio codecs, and re-encode them as outbound AAC and Opus streams for wide compatibility and adaptive bitrate delivery.


Using Epitome media streaming server, you can send the recorded file stream for later on viewing experience. We'll wrap it in other format for playback across the full range of players and devices—iOS and Android phones, tablets, and more.

Use Any Audio Encoder

Simply point your RTMP, RTSP/RTP, or MPEG-TS stream to Epitome technology and let us do the rest. Or stream directly from the our mobile app —no separate encoder needed.

Create On-Demand Audio Playlists

Use Epitome Streaming Server software and playlist functionality to create linear streaming channels from your on-demand content and intersperse on-demand content with live streams.

Easily Stream Audio-Only from a Video Server

If you’re already using our Streaming Server software for video, quickly deliver audio-only streams from the same server—just like NPR, Public Radio, and others.

Scale On-Demand Audio Streaming

Achieve virtually unlimited capacity using the Epitome Media Cache feature for immediate streaming and playback from local cache. Fetch on-demand content from centralized storage to edge server.