Retailers need to continuously engage and maintain customers. Customer service is often a key differentiator, as is the ability to respond quickly to market trends. Epitome provides the solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams, which ultimately leads to better customer service and supply management.

Connecting the Stores worldwide

Timely communication is one way retailers can increase employee productivity, improve store operations and increase customer satisfaction. Epitome collaborative video conferencing solutions within and between retail branch locations can facilitate inventory checks, remote support, remote team meetings, last minute specials and new incentive programs. Headquarters can benefit too through better, faster access to sales reports, employee information, and remote expertise. Epitome solutions can be used for communicating within and between various retail locations. Remote experts can be brought in for specialty expertise or for technical support. Sales reports, benefits updates, organizational announcements and any other information can be shared between locations for more effective decision-making.

Remote Administration

Higher profitability is often a result of better inventory management, as well as more accurate supply and demand forecasting. Epitome real-time collaboration enables better forecasting, more timely inventory checks and balances, accurate tracking of shipping status and orders, and appropriate procurement. The result? Faster response to market and customer demands.

Visual communication plays a major role in the overall effectiveness of communication by providing visual, non-verbal cues that aid in comprehension. The combination of the aforementioned voice solutions with video conferencing results in a complete communication and collaborative experience. Nodding heads, raised eyebrows, crossed arms and eye contact (or lack of) all help to gauge understanding, agreement and integrity. In fact, researchers have focused studies on the role of verbal and non-verbal communications. While some reports indicate that nearly 80 percent of communication is non-verbal, the most famous study on this subject comes from Dr. Albert Mehrabian. In his 7%-38%-55% rule, he concludes that that only 7 percent of communication comes from spoken words, 38 percent from the tone of the voice and 55 percent from body language. The ability to clearly see these body language details is now possible with Epitome Solutions.