Event Broadcasting

Event that matters to you the most

Epitome can broadcast your live event over a secure web feed, giving everyone a front row seat at their computer. Using high quality video, pre-produced video roll-ins, and even your own PowerPoint slides, we can produce a live show that looks and feels more like a professional network TV show, not a fuzzy, poorly produced webinar.

Create online tests for timely assessment

Give your students timely, detailed feedback nearly in real time with straight-forward assessment tools. Create an online test with your own question. Then publish and share tests with your students for regular formative assessment, controlling who takes them, tracking how many times students attempt a given test, and getting reports or giving immediate feedback. And now, with new polling features, in-class dipsticking just got a lot easier.

Ease of Webcasting


  • Decrease your cost of delivering information very dramatically.
  • Provides best audio and video experience.
  • Possible even for geographically dispersed participants.
  • Connect people from all over the world.
  • Highly interactive with social media integration.



  • Real time audio/video at multiple bit rates and real time distribution.
  • Security watermark embedded.
  • Compressed recording and Re-streaming features.
  • Live streaming player for all SmartPhones.
  • Statistics report with number of hits, unique IP address and more.

Share most commonly used file types

PDF, Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents, video and audio files; also share whiteboards, desktop and more from inside the Virtual Classroom. You can upload content before the class or on-the-fly during the class. Files simply live in the cloud.